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Chrome Old Version

Download Old Version CHROME if You are Facing Your Connection is Not Private Issue

Download Old Version CHROME if You are Facing Your Connection is Not Private Issue

32-bit Offline Chrome 

70.0.3538.7751.58 MB2018-11-6
69.0.3497.9250.36 MB2018-09-16
68.0.3440.8449.36 MB2018-08-1
67.0.3396.7948.57 MB2018-06-7
65.0.3325.18147.92 MB2018-03-22
64.0.3282.14047.5 MB2018-02-6
63.0.3239.10846.14 MB2017-12-26
62.0.3202.751.08 MB2017-10-28
61.0.3163.7944.35 MB2017-09-10
60.0.3112.7842.8 MB2017-09-11
59.0.3071.8643.67 MB2017-06-12
58.0.3029.9641.59 MB2017-05-4
57.0.2987.13341.03 MB2017-04-18
56.0.2924.8742.15 MB2017-02-8
55.0.2883.7542.53 MB2016-12-9
54.0.2840.7142.06 MB2016-10-21
53.0.2785.11644.7 MB2016-09-19
52.0.2743.11642 MB2016-08-3
51.0.2704.8441.86 MB2016-06-9
50.0.2661.7541.52 MB2016-04-15
49.0.2623.7541.1 MB2016-03-3
48.0.2564.9740.76 MB2016-02-2
66.0.3359.18148.15 MB2018-05-16

64-bit Offline Chrome 

70.0.3538.7752.1 MB2018-11-6
69.0.3497.9250.77 MB2018-09-16
68.0.3440.8449.84 MB2018-08-1
67.0.3396.7949.03 MB2018-06-7
65.0.3325.18148.27 MB2018-03-22
64.0.3282.14047.95 MB2018-02-6
63.0.3239.10850.09 MB2017-12-26
62.0.3202.7548.95 MB2017-10-28
61.0.3163.7948.32 MB2017-09-10
60.0.3112.7846.56 MB2017-09-11
59.0.3071.8647.44 MB2017-06-12
58.0.3029.9645 MB2017-05-4
57.0.2987.13344.48 MB2017-04-18
56.0.2924.8746.3 MB2017-02-8
55.0.2883.7546.5 MB2016-12-9
54.0.2840.7145.89 MB2016-10-21
53.0.2785.11644.7 MB2016-09-19
51.0.2704.8448.3 MB2016-06-9
50.0.2661.7547.86 MB2016-04-20
49.0.2623.7547.15 MB2016-04-15
48.0.2564.10946.67 MB2016-02-18
66.0.3359.18148.58 MB2018-05-16


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